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Slayers - The Ruby Eye(Slayers 1) - Hajime Kanzaka

Language: English Stars: 4 of 5 stars
Slayers - The Ruby Eye(Slayers 1)
Category of Ebook: Fantasy Book Info: Hardcover, First Edition, 356 pages
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502 ratings
Original Book Title: Slayers - The Ruby Eye(Slayers 1)

Ebook Review:

Lina Inverse doesnt like to brag, but shes a genius sorceress, invincible warrior, and a legend in her own lunchtime. Linas also in need of some cold cash. When she comes across some stolen loot, she figures the thieves wont mind sharing. But it turns out that Lina also snags a secret hidden in the booty...

And now everyones out to see if shes got the goods!



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