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When Souls Collide(Lancasters Way 1) by N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington - fb2, mobi, DOC, EPUB

Language: English Stars: 4 of 5 stars
When Souls Collide(Lancasters Way 1)
Category of Ebook: Romance Book Info: Hardcover, First Edition, 115 pages
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237 ratings
Original Book Title: When Souls Collide(Lancasters Way 1)

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Tossed off the Golden Spur with nothing but the clothes he was wearing and his newborn son. Riley Stuart contemplates his life. He gave up everything he knew to come halfway around the world to find things don�t always work out like you planned. On her deathbed his wife outs him to her family � her very bigoted family.Noah Johnson finds a naked man and infant in his barn.

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